1500$-2000$ : 0,6 BTC
2000$-2500$ : 0,8 BTC
2500$-3000$ : 1,0 BTC
3000$-3500$ : 1,2 BTC
3500$-4500$ : 1,5 BTC


We provide FREE SHIPPING worldwide!(5-7 days)

EXPRESS SHIPPING for 0.05 BTC(2-3 days with tracking number)


Cards can be used at any ATM
as well for online purchases.
No restrictions!

How to order

Use the "Buy it" function.
Or alternatively you can
e-mail Us your order to the following mail address:

What you will get

    A high quality skimmed credit card
    with chip and paint job on it.
    The card's PIN number.
    Full time support.



We only accept payment in BITCOIN.
to guarantee safety and anonymity.


After the card ran out of balance
it is strongly advised to destroy the card.
So you can avoid further security risks.

Please read carefully.

We are group of hard working businessmen.Please be serious.
We appreciate anonymity and security,you should do the same.
If you have any problem with the card or the balance you get a full refund or a replacement card.
Price reduction is only possible if you are a returning customer.
If you have any question please feel free to ask!

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ID Name Comment Rating
45815931 DPR xxx
Cards are quality ones.Prices are still ok.
24524941 YoungG Thanks to this vendor I am out of the water...Thank you guys! 10/10
33558195 haram Communication was good and smooth,cards balance was a bit lower than I ordered and payed for... 7/10
73549243 NothingHam Thankx for things i could afford with this card! :D 10/10
55119342 Marabella4lif3 Exceptional determination from the vendor side.Keep up! 9/10
54619937 saraje After a long search I finally found this service.Too bad it has limited balance.Very Recommended. 9/10
84571192 alpha_fightr Too many sites too few trusty ones.This is a truly gem.Appreciate it. 10/10
78742333 bobbydoyle I had some troubles too with the balance on my first card but got a refund(partially)so i am ok with them. 7/10